The Seaport in Boston has been referred in different names, the Innovation District or the South Boston Waterfront. Despite it having different names its neighborhood is the hottest in Boston for the last few years. The Seaport has been known to be amazingly clean, wealthy and futuristic, an area filled with well-dressed people. The Boston Convention and Exhibition Center appears above just like a spaceship. The Seaport is growing fast in the last few years, filled with shops, hotels, restaurants and numerous conventioneers.

It has become a museum point too, the Institute of Contemporary Art holding court on Fan Pier and the Boston Children’s Museum in Fort Point. Developers are trying to promote usual neighborhood activities like outdoor fitness classes, farmer’s market and attractive public art like the Okuda San Miguel’s work. The Seaport maintains normal quietness mostly. When you want to relax outdoor with your family, friends on even alone the Shrine of Our Lady of Good Voyage is the best place. Residents love the new and exciting Seaport and love watching the skyline that changes monthly.

The Seaport is across the Fort Point Channel from the Financial District making it easy for folks working downtown to walk on foot. The proximity of things is highly appreciated by both Seaport and Fort Point residents making it easy to reach important destinations. Drivers are not left behind since it is near to the highway and is dog friendly. The Seaport is full of restaurants especially the iconic eatery for decades was the Anthony’s Pier 4. It was started by Anthony Athanas (an Albanian immigrant). It was a seafood spot that became a Boston institution that was filled by Hollywood stars like Elizabeth Taylor and Judy Garland to politicians who hanged out in the private area upstairs.

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